Top 10 In-Demand Labor Jobs During COVID-19

If you’re on the hunt for work during the coronavirus crisis, it can be worrisome to wonder when you’ll get your next job. However, those looking for labor jobs are in luck. Although the COVID-19 concerns are far from over, there is still essential work to be done. Here’s our list of the most in-demand labor/general labor jobs for the COVID-19 crisis.  

1. Warehouse Loader 

If you’re ready to work with your hands and you have no lifting restrictions, try applying for an open warehouse loader position. Accurately loading trucks and transporting products on palettes are tasks you can expect to handle in this role. 

2.Field Tech 

Social distancing? Try a field tech posting. A self-starter willing to collect samples while documenting them for projects will be perfect for this general labor job.  

3. Manufacturing Technician 

Several manufacturing roles may be open when technicians are considered essential employees. Apply for these openings if you have assembly experience and can perform basic equipment upkeep. 

4. Roofing Laborer 

Acting as an assistant to a roofer is still an option. Some exterior contractors are still in business and seeking help to continue their duties as summer approaches. 

5. General Laborer 

General labor opportunities are frequently available in a multitude of disciplines. From mining to production to warehouses, you can expect openings as a General Laborer to be open. 

6. Lawn Professional 

Working outdoors suits many general laborers, especially when the sun comes out. Contacting local landscaping companies can get you a quick gig suited to your capabilities.  

7. Pressure Washer 

Another outdoor workload that is typically available is that of a pressure washer. Whether you’re taking care of windows, equipment, or machinery, it’s a job that needs to get done and can pay well. 

8. Carpenter Apprentice 

Many woodworkers are still grinding away on the job during this uncertain time. If you want some experience working with your hands as a carpenter’s apprentice, you may find openings for such roles. 

9. Shipping Associate 

Entry-level candidates can apply to be a shipping associate, where they will coordinate outgoing and incoming shipments and arrange postage as necessary.  

10. Production Worker 

Getting products together and arranging them to be shipped? Still a needed role. If you are looking for entry-level work or even if you have experience on a production line, seek a position as a production worker. 

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