A Guide to Managing Your Newly Remote Employees 

Work-from-home is the new black. It’s unavoidable that this transition will be overwhelming and a challenge like never before. Staying engaged with your team members will help your staff rally together and stay focused. There are a number of different ways you can keep your employees on track and continue to keep your business thriving during the coronavirus crisis. 

Share Accurate Information 

First and foremost – this pandemic has caused a surge in confusion. How many precautions should be taken? How long will self-isolation last? While your management skills likely fall short of epidemiology knowledge, you can still help your staff by clearly and concisely communicating any information you receive from higher-ups. Consult the CDC and the WHO frequently to ensure you’re relaying the most accurate information. Strive for consistent messaging at all times – telling your staff they need to work remotely and then deeming some workers essential onsite is not going to cut it. 

Stay Connected 

While you may trust your workers, they need oversight. However, it’s not the time to micromanage. Striking this balance is a struggle even for the most dedicated managers. Keeping in touch helps you know they’re completing their daily tasks and also helps you know they are okay. Your communication method matters – it should be something accessible for the entire team. A few ways you can keep in touch? 

    • Text message 
    • Email 
    • Phone Call 
    • Zoom 
    • Skype for Business 
    • WebEx 
    • Slack 

Be Supportive 

The strongest leaders work hard to back up their team to help them weather this storm. Have empathy with your workers. This whirlwind is new to them too. Many of your employees may be working through new home situations like caring for family or herding pets throughout the day. Show that you care for their wellbeing with frequent check-ins, and provide time if they need it. 

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When you step up in a time of crisis, it matters to your workers. To find more ways to connect and engage with your workforce, check out Job Store Staffing’s website. Our experts can help you strengthen your staff or bring in new employees as needed. Contact us today to learn more. 

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