10 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health In Check While Social Distancing 

Quick – can you name what day it is? Does the world feel like it’s a little upside-down right now? Are you wondering what you can do to make your world feel a little less crazy? Here are Job Store Staffing’s top ways to stay sane during the coronavirus crisis. 

1. Fueling Yourself 

Start your day right by eating well to help you power through the workday. Eat healthy, make a proper breakfast, even a cup of tea. Don’t let yourself lose track of things by eating ice cream before meals or grabbing a beer before your work hours are complete. Getting up to prepare eggs or oatmeal is the first way to get on the right foot. 

2. Stick to a Routine 

Create a new normal for yourself. The easiest way to get down and lose track of things is if you have completely forgone your daily routine. Of course, most people are skipping their daily commute or working different hours, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon a schedule completely. Going through the motions adds some consistency, even if you have to change your routine completely to adapt to your new reality. 

3. Get Dressed Up 

The experts will tell you that one of the keys to work-from-home life is getting ready for the day. This includes dressing for success. Try putting on a typical outfit you’d wear for a normal workday to help get you in a productive mindset. Grooming, hair, and makeup, if applicable, should be done to keep the feeling going. 

4. Prevent Stress 

Don’t go too far down the rabbit hole with coronavirus updates. It’s important to stay informed, but protect your brain by not taking it too far. You can limit your access to the news during the day, save for a quick check-in during your break. Focusing on your work is paramount because news stories can get you distracted from priorities quickly. 

5. Avoid Social Media Craziness 

You’ll find a lot of misinformation on Twitter and Facebook. It’s essential to keep social media browsing to a minimum. It can get you frustrated, confused, and can be so time-consuming. Plus, it’s incredibly distracting. Try removing the social media apps from your phone to prevent the endless, mindless cycle through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

6. Keep it Clean 

Keep yourself clean during your work-from-home time. Days blend together and you don’t want to be sitting on the couch wondering what that funky smell is! Most days during a time like this, consider a long relaxing shower, or even a bath! Regular hygiene upkeep will help your days feel a bit more normal. 

7. Unwind Effectively 

Don’t forget to keep your 9-5 intact. Work-life balance can take a huge hit when your sofa is now your workplace. Log off, and stay logged off. Read a book, do a puzzle, find a creative outlet to help you de-stress from the workday and transition into your off-time. 

8. Stay Active 

The deadly sin that’s easiest to slip into? Sloth! If you’re feeling down, it’s likely because you’re not moving as much as you used to. Embrace at-home workouts, runs and walks, yoga, anything that gets your heart rate going. Your body needs to stay in motion to keep you healthy and continue to pump those happy hormones. 

9. Socialize 

People need people to survive! In a time of self-isolation, it’s easy to slip away from others. This can seriously damage your mental well-being. Zoom and Skype happy-hours are becoming all the more popular. Check in with your family and friends frequently over texts, phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings. 

10. A Positive Attitude 

This is a temporary problem. Although we don’t have a specific COVID-19 timeline, this is not forever. Don’t get bogged down by cabin fever and the unknown. Instead, focus on work and what is most important to you.

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