How to Lead Your Employees During the Coronavirus Crisis 

Managers have certainly been thrown for a loop. If you’re in the same boat as most of us, you’re scrambling to transition to a team of fully remote workers. Creating this capability can be a heavy lift for even the best leaders. Your company’s resilience will be paramount to long-term success. How can you be sure you’re meeting the needs of your people during this crisis? Here’s Job Store Staffing’s best advice for organizations to follow to successfully lead your employees during COVID-19. 

Working From Home  

First, take inventory. Does everyone have what they need? It’s essential that your employees can work from home in a way that closely replicates their workspace. Company tech should be provided to all workers, and appropriate security precautions should be taken. Send out a reminder if you work with any sensitive information that needs to be password-protected. 

Stay In Touch 

Your method of communication is almost as important as your message. If you’re used to face-to-face meetings and you’re in the middle of the huge remote work transition, you may be losing track of your workers. Establish regular check-ins as soon as you can via phone call, email, text, or video calls. You want your team to be more connected than usual, not less. 

Scheduling and Productivity 

Remaining on task while working remotely can be extra challenging for some. Many workers are completing their tasks while wrangling pets and educating and entertaining children. Consider requesting a work log from your employees. Accountability is everything for work-from-home employees, and most people benefit from tracking their time and reporting in. Specific timelines for each project can also be helpful, with updates as deadlines change. 

Accommodate Illness 

As COVID-19 continues, it’s more than likely you will have workers that, unfortunately, contract coronavirus. Those with compromised immune systems are at risk for illness, so as a leader, you need to create a strategic plan that anticipates workers becoming sick. If you can increase the number of sick days your workers receive, all the better. If you have key players leading projects, make a back-up plan in case someone needs to step in. 

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