5 Tips to Start Your Job Search in the Midst of COVID-19 

The coronavirus situation is evolving so rapidly it can be hard to keep tabs on what comes next. If you’re searching for a new position during this time, don’t be discouraged. Many companies still need to fill positions; in fact, some businesses may see an influx of work and be looking for quick recruits. Job Store Staffing presents its tips for job seekers to help find new job opportunities during this difficult time. 

1. Don’t Get Discouraged 

First, if you were laid off, we encourage you to reach out for resources. You can choose to file for unemployment or pick up extra gigs, but it’s important to consider your career despite the overall economic trends. Don’t let this crisis derail what you’ve worked for. Apply for new roles and stay optimistic. 

2. Revamp Your Resume 

When you’re preparing to hit the job market, it may be that you haven’t had to update your job search materials in a while. Or perhaps you were a new hire that was laid off due to the coronavirus crisis. Either way, you should take a fresh look at your resume. Add in any new experience, certifications, or skills you have gained since the last time. Consider peer review to get a new pair of eyes that may catch spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. 

3. Digital Networking 

While you may be missing valuable conferences and industry happy hours, you can still find ways to connect. There is no better time to strengthen your digital network by updating your LinkedIn profile and sending direct messages to managers you are interested in working with. If your goal is to continue on in your field, you have to continue to build those relationships.  

4. Virtual Interview Prep 

It’s unlikely you’ll be doing an in-person interview anytime soon, so it’s time to ensure you’re ready for any interview format. It is so crucial to know how to operate Skype for Business, Webex, and Zoom. There is no excuse anymore – there are so many resources available on the internet that you need to be clued in and avoid a virtual faux-pas. Test your camera and microphone, find a steady location close to the router, and use a “background” if you need to. Get comfortable with signing on and off, and don’t forget you must mute yourself when you’re not the one speaking to limit ambient noise.  

5. Follow Up 

Job seekers often forget this all-important step: follow-through. The best candidates go above and beyond to prove their professionalism and land the gig. If you get the call for an interview, you must send a thank-you. If you haven’t heard back, call your contact. Perhaps they are facing some HR delays due to the COVID-19 situation. Finally, if you don’t get the job, reach out one last time. If you ask the hiring manager why you were not selected, they may be able to share some insight or helpful tips. It can’t hurt to ask!

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