You Can’t Hire Everyone But Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Too many candidates? A successful hiring pipeline can be a gift and a curse. While many companies are constantly looking for talent, you may be plagued with multiple options, making it hard to know if you’re making the right choice. Here’s how you can continue to successfully build your pipeline to bring in the best additions to your team.

Fix Your Listing

Some recruiters suffer from the problem of having tons of applicants that don’t meet your high standards for hire. If this is a recurring problem in your business, it’s likely you need to revisit your job posting. A mobile-friendly, straightforward job application is absolutely necessary in this job market. Perhaps you need to revise your criteria as well. For example, if you’re asking for a 4-year bachelor’s degree, take a second look. Does this position really require that, or would you be willing to substitute education for experience? Make your posting enticing, clear, and ubiquitous to give yourself the best chance at finding your perfect fit.

Referral Programs

Use your existing pool of talent to source more recruits. If you have a strong team and are wondering how to bring in similar professionals, a referral program is your answer. Incentivize your workers to recommend friends and family to jobs at your organization, offering a cash bonus or other perks. If your favorite worker recommends a friend to a position and they end up being the right fit, it’s a win for everyone.

Search Small

Casting a wide net is one of the ways to end up with an abundance of candidates that don’t fit the bill. If you’re looking to hire a specific role, don’t just throw open the gates. Try specialized recruiting by reaching out to professionals working in this role at different companies. Utilizing LinkedIn to search and contact potential hires can be helpful. Or make sure you’re looking in the right place – if you’re looking to add a new creative member to your team, you might have more luck searching on Facebook than on your basic old job board.

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