Set Your Career Up for Success in this New Decade

Your 2020 vision should include exactly how you plan to land your next position. Don’t forget that this new era means new curveballs for job applicants but also means more options. Here’s how to look ahead and plan your career accordingly.

Think Like a Leader

These days, employees aren’t just worker bees designed to keep quiet and push out products or services. Each person is in charge of their own career, and more workers are taking the initiative to embrace their career path to determine their professional fate. You need to frame your perspective as a job seeker confidently, to show potential employers that you are ready for this new wave workforce. You are in control of your career, so act like it!

Age Is Just a Number

A big change as we start a new decade is the continuing trend of age no longer being a factor in your career path. There is no true “retirement age” anymore, which has benefits and drawbacks. Where veteran employees can feel free to continue pursuing their passions, it does mean younger candidates may have to fight for fewer spots in the job market. Additionally, new recruits are facing that ever-troubling hiring issue of unemployment where new candidates are told they can’t get a job until they have three to five years of experience. But a blend of education and professional experience can help even fresh recruits find a great position.

The Choice Is Yours

With the emergence and staying power of remote work, telecommunication, and freelance opportunities, it is absolutely time for you to become your own boss. Modern employers need to adapt to what candidates look for as they find the right fit, so you can show hiring managers why they should select you. Focus on reskilling and upskilling – improving your existing abilities and introducing new talents to help you sell yourself in a job interview.

Find Your Next Job with Job Store!

To find the right job, you need lots of options and a nudge in the right direction. At Job Store Staffing, we can review your resume and help you analyze what your best move is next in your career path. Contact us to get started, or check out our job board for the best options throughout Colorado today.


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