3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Take Breaks Throughout the Workday

A recent survey by Tork found that fewer workers are taking their designated lunch break. A daily break during the workweek helps you clear your mind, take care of personal tasks and fuel yourself for the second half of the day. However, if you’re skipping your lunch, you’re hurting yourself and your organization. This oversight can have drastic consequences. Here are just three reasons you need to make sure you are taking a break each day at work.

1.      Recharge to Increase Productivity

To maximize your work potential, you’ll need to recharge! It may seem unproductive to take breaks, but using your brainpower on one task for too long can leave you stuck and drained. Pushing yourself too hard can result in feeling overwhelmed or even total burnout. You need your lunch break because it breaks up the day into manageable chunks, and it helps you shed your residual frustration from any morning stressors.

2.      Implementing Positive Habits

One way to keep things moving at work is to work on some regular patterns that can help you do your best work. For example, a sad desk lunch can lead to low morale and low productivity. Use your lunch break each day to set some great habits for yourself to help improve your productivity. For example, consider using your lunch break to get some steps in or climb the stairs to keep your body moving. You want to maintain your physical health during the workday, so it’s important to use your well-earned time to do so.

3.      Get Creative

Because stuck on one project or at your desk for hours on end can stifle your creative juices. Get those flowing with your lunch break! You need thirty minutes away from whatever you’re working on to give you a fresh perspective and even some new ideas. You can also use that time to get inspired — try some journaling or listening to music to get you into a more freethinking headspace to help you tackle whatever comes your way.


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