8 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

Management is a tough gig. You need to push your team to get the job done, but you want to retain and support your workers. Staff members that don’t receive constructive criticism and can’t make a career plan tend to leave. Keeping your staff satisfied is critical to retaining your team. If you’re looking for ways to keep your employees satisfied you’re in luck – Job Store Staffing is sharing eight ways to show you appreciate your employees.

1.   Benefits

One way to show you appreciate your employees is by putting your money where your mouth is. Raising wages is a strong way to show your workers that you value their work ethic. If you can’t offer a raise, try to include other benefits like boosts to health care or other perks that help your employees feel more comfortable.

2.   Swag

It may seem trivial, but company gifts make an employee feel like they are part of the team. Swag is a nice way to reward your staff, and it’s not too expensive. Whether it’s tech gear, office supplies, or apparel, you can find a way to give some little presents to your team members to brighten their day.

3.   Time Off

There’s a difference between having time off to use and being encouraged to take time off. Often workers don’t feel like they have the opportunity to take as much time as they’d like. Projects pop up, and life gets in the way, so many employees don’t use the breaks they’ve earned. Find times where it’s appropriate for each worker to use their PTO freely to help them feel supported.

4.   Flexibility

Your workers can succeed if they are given the tools. In 2019, it’s possible to manage many tasks on the fly. This is why more and more companies offer work-from-home opportunities. Remote work, maybe for just one day a week, is something many workers seek. Offering flexibility to your staff members shows you trust them and support their needs.

5.   Workplace Amenities

Sometimes the strongest way to support your team is to make the office a place they look forward to seeing each day. Forty hours a week is a long time to spend in your workplace, so help it feel a little more like home with comfortable seating, nice decor, and even some plant life. If you have the means, spring for a great coffee machine or updated equipment to boost spirits. Taking care of your space goes hand in hand with taking care of your team.

6.   Positive Company Culture

Employees need to be in a good headspace to thrive. A positive, supportive leadership style helps everyone feel at home. It helps if you can act as a mediator to resolve any conflicts that arise as well. A good vibe in the workplace is more important than you know to help keep things rolling. Embracing a positive company culture helps eliminate distractions and drama and keeps you on the road to success.

7.   Informal Feedback

Most workers don’t hear enough about their strengths and weaknesses to hone their skills. Productivity comes from constructive criticism. The more you can communicate with your workers, the more they can grow. Try a monthly sit-down with each worker to assess what’s working and what could be improved.

8.   Show Them the Vision

Performance reviews aren’t just for managers; they’re for workers too. Employees want to know how they can better support the team and the organization as a whole. That’s why you need to paint the bigger picture for your staff members. Employees don’t feel appreciated if they don’t know what they are working toward. Establish a yearly meeting where the team can discuss the company’s overarching mission, vision, and goals to keep employees engaged with that big picture.

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