5 Qualities to Look For In an Administrative Assistant

Managing your support staff can be more challenging than you think. Effective delegation is a skill that takes time to hone, so it’s best to find high-quality administrative support to simplify your workday. The skills you need to seek for an administrative assistant are numerous. The job is about more than answering phones and picking up lunch. These days, admins have designated projects, social media smarts, and the savvy to problem-solve on their own. Here are the five things you need to identify as you hire an administrative assistant.

  1. Initiative

    First, consider your expectations. If you want someone to pick up the phone, you can bring in any receptionist. However, you likely need more from your hire. Many administrative assistants will need to take on small projects. From time to time, management may ask administrative assistants to update information, plan events, even execute their side project. You want an admin that can identify what needs to be done and take the initiative to do it.

  2. Outgoing Nature

    An administrative assistant should be personable! They’ll likely be one of the first faces incoming clients and employees will see, so find someone suitable to serve as the face of your company. Your hire should greet people with a smile, make thoughtful connections, and have some enthusiasm as they pick up the phone. In an age of technology, a friendly voice and face make a difference.

  3. Commitment

    To find a great fit for your administrative assistant opening, you’ll want a dedicated worker interested in the long haul. Too often, hiring managers choose temporary staffers for admin positions or candidates that are a poor fit for the role. If you can’t retain your administrative assistant, you’ll find yourself posting on the job boards, back at square one. You want someone willing to take on new projects or go above and beyond. You don’t want a worker that does the bare minimum and watches the clock.

  4. Software Skills

    You don’t need to bring in an Adobe Suite pro, but the skills to adapt and learn new technology and software will be key. As a manager, you may ask an administrative assistant to create invitations or flyers, or process preliminary paperwork. Know what to ask about during the interview to ensure you don’t hire a wonderful person that is unable to edit a Word document. If you can find someone with experience in a few different digital tools, you’ve got a great candidate for an admin position.

  5. Critical Thinking

    The ability to determine what the right course of action is handy in your support staff. Not only do you want that go-getter confidence, but you also want to be able to trust they can make the right decision. An administrative assistant on your team must have tact and superior critical thinking skills in order to handle potentially delicate situations. Administrative assistants have to work with a variety of different professionals, inside and outside of the company. You want yours to be trustworthy and intuitive.

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