Best Practices For Keeping Your Mental Health in Check

Are you experiencing burnout? Feeling the negative impact of being overworked? Developing a self-care routine and maintaining a stable mindset can be challenging in an economy that demands 24/7 productivity. If you want to maximize your effectiveness in the workplace and manage your mental health, here are some quick tips.

One Step at a Time

When it comes to feeling anxious, stuck, or overwhelmed, there is always an answer. To work through the stresses from your workplace, you want to dissect the issues you’re facing and handle them individually.

It could be a quick fix – maybe you realize that you enjoy most duties of your position, but you’re struggling with a lack of communication. Try running through each stressor, one at a time:

  • Working relationships/connection with supervisor
  • Specific tasks and duties
  • Lack of or method of communication
  • Overall company culture

Ask For a Mentor

Having an advocate to assist you during the workday can be a very supportive practice. Succeeding in your position cannot happen if you don’t have someone you can depend on. Relying on someone wiser to guide, you can ease a lot of the mental burden that comes with a stressful job. Talk to your manager about who may have the right amount of insight to act as a professional mentor for you. If your supervisor doesn’t support this, consider some networking to find a colleague willing to coach you as needed.

Your Rights as a Worker

Employees experiencing a mental health struggle have the right to seek assistance without discrimination. Depending on your situation, there are a few options to help you through. Talk to your supervisor or an HR representative about reasonable accommodations, such as lunch break therapy appointments. You can also ask about leave granted from the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) based on state regulations and your concerns.

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