To grab the attention of a hiring manager, you’ll need to be a standout candidate. It’s not just about your education and experience, it’s about the skills you bring to the table. When it’s time for your interview, you need to promote your best abilities to show you are the most advantageous choice. These are the top five skills you need to promote during a job interview:

1.     Time Management

Efficiency on the job is vital in any industry. Time management is about maximizing your productivity while working on a project, but it’s also about collaborating with your co-workers to delegate work effectively. Use specific examples from your career to prove to your interviewer that you can execute tasks quickly and plan projects with great attention to detail. If you can convince a hiring manager you’ve mastered time management, you’ll land the position.

2.     Leadership Skills

Hiring managers don’t just want to fill a position, they want to embrace a new team member. Supervisors think long-term during the hiring process, and they want to bring in someone that can grow with the organization and take charge of a conflict. Show your leadership skills by providing excellent references not only from supervisors but from colleagues. If your interviewer can obtain positive feedback from professionals that have worked with you, they can hear all about the way you work with people.

3.     Problem Solving

A desirable quality in any job candidate is the ability to think fast. Handling a tough task or managing a difficult situation are both essential to be the best candidate for the job. Any interviewer may ask you to figure out a reliable solution to a scenario you might encounter in this new job. Do your research ahead of time so you know how to handle any situation, and how your potential new organization operates.

4.     Organizational Skills

If an interviewer asks about your organizational skills, they likely want to know more about your process. How you operate on a day-to-day basis can inform a potential employer about your methods and your work style. For example, you can share your best ways to manage your project at hand, whether it’s a checklist or a spreadsheet or a giant whiteboard system. Show the hiring manager you have a great system in place to keep you punctual, and precise methods to stay on track with your tasks.

5.     Conflict Management

To maximize your opportunity, you want to convince employers you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way. Talk about the ways you mastered an interpersonal work conflict or a tough client complaint. Hiring managers look for peacekeepers that can mediate like professionals. It takes a wise and professional candidate to admit a mistake, then detail how you were able to remedy the situation.


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