Top Six Tips to Strengthen Employee Retention for 2018

New year new you, right? As we enter 2018, it’s hard not to dwell on your past mistakes. However, you can make big changes heading into the new year to maximize your productivity and show off your rebooted leadership abilities. Whether it’s been a great year or a tough one, there’s always room for growth and self-reflection. Here at Job Store Staffing, we know what it takes to hire a strong team and keep them focused on the job. Here are our top six tips on how to retain staff members in the new year.

1.     Hire Selectively

One of the best ways to ensure employee retention is to guarantee you’re hiring the right people in the first place. Be savvy when you sift through applications. If you see red flags during an interview or suspect they may not be a good fit, follow your instincts. Hiring someone that’s not committed to the job is a clear conflict waiting to happen.

2.     Check in Regularly

2018 is going to be all about clear expectations. The best way to manage your staff is to stay on the same page. Workers, especially those new to the team, look for guidance and approval to stay on task. Find a way to balance a high level of communication without micromanaging your employees. Plan monthly staff meetings to provide updates, and one-on-ones with each staff member you oversee to stay in the loop and squash potential conflicts.

3.     Be Transparent

Your staff will work more efficiently and communicate more effectively when you are transparent with them. If 2017 featured cloudy communication on your part, find a solution for the coming year. Whether it’s a new tech strategy like utilizing Slack or Skype messenger, or a communal whiteboard featuring project updates, find something that works for your team. And don’t be afraid to ask for their insight. If you have a group of visual learners, take advantage of it so there’s never a debate when it’s time to delegate.

4.     Empower Your Team

To reinforce the importance of your team’s abilities, you need to make each employee feel appreciated. Try writing small notes praising a customer service rep’s diligence, or give your sales team the opportunity to attend a workshop to hone their skills. The best leaders bring out the best in their workers. Find rewards or opportunities that will empower your team to maximize their success within your company.

5.     Conduct Stay Interviews

Often managers find out a great deal of pertinent information at an exit interview. If a staff member is experiencing a co-worker conflict, frustration with scheduling or issues with the office environment, you want to catch these problems before they leave. Stay interviews can reveal any turmoil within the office, or problems with day-to-day operations.

6.     Flexibility & Comfort

Employees seek recognition and great wages, but there are aspects of every job that are underestimated and overlooked. Your workers want to feel good when they arrive each day, so follow that thread. If you are able to, offer more desirable hours or alternative shifts. Some workers would prefer an earlier or later start time, or working four 10-hour days. Talk to your people to narrow down what type of flexibility they need in their lives. This may be as simple as establishing a more relaxed dress code or new chairs for the office. Do what you can to make your space a positive work environment, and it’ll pay off in employee retention.

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