How to Effectively Recognize Your Employee's Accomplishments

Every manager understands the importance of employee retention. It’s expensive to replace workers, and training is a serious investment especially when you work in a specialized field. One of the best ways to retain quality workers is to show appreciation. Recognizing staff accomplishments is not only a helpful tool for morale, it’s a necessary part of effective leadership. We’re here to share with you our top ways to recognize hard work and show gratitude when it comes to accomplishments in the workplace.

Be Genuine

A compliment that seems artificial isn’t one worth giving. One of the most important aspects of leadership is to be genuine and communicate honestly. Staff members will see through fake praise or compliments that are not authentic. If you’re having difficulty promoting your team, think about how much work goes into each project. Instead of doling out praise for a finished project, start commending people on their progress. Make a conscious effort to learn more about the details of each task, so you can reward your people accordingly.

Don’t Wait

Often supervisors will overlook the little things that deserve praise – a late night at the office or a small accomplishment in a large project. When you see a great achievement, reinforce that behavior by giving praise and finding a way to connect right away. The appreciation that comes a month late doesn’t have the same impact. If you don’t actively work toward rewarding your people, they’ll see you as a negligent manager who doesn’t understand the nuances of tough work.

Recognizing Talent:

Here are some of our recommendations: tried and true methods of employee appreciation that go beyond the limits of stale “Employee of the Month” programs.

  • Provide relevant rewards for employees – if you want to commend someone for staying late, provide them with a half shift or an extra vacation day.
  • A handwritten note goes a long way, so take the time to thank your employee for their achievement in a short letter.
  • Try a weekly drawing that awards successful employees with gift certificates to restaurants, vouchers for coffee or event tickets.

What to Avoid:

  • Singling out employees for praise for unspecified reasons – share the love with your staff, and always be transparent about why recognition is awarded.
  • Rewarding everyone, even if they haven’t earned it: make every achievement count.
  • Lowering morale by rewarding only one type of achievement – don’t just reward your sales team for big numbers, focus on recognizing all departments in their own way.


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