Why Your Social Media Pages Could Be Dismissing You From a Potential Job Offer

When you’re looking to lock down the perfect position, it’s essential to have a strong professional presence. Hiring managers search for experienced candidates with potential and leadership abilities. Most supervisors don’t hire for the short term; they’ve got big-picture plans for qualified applicants. First impressions are crucial, but you need to think big picture too. A hiring manager will be looking at your qualifications from all angles. To avoid a rejection based on their due diligence, you need to properly vet your professional presence. Here’s how to prevent a dismissal based on your social media pages.

Lock Down Your Accounts

Many young professionals approach social media with a protective stance and simply keep all social media profiles private. If you don’t like the idea of potential employers reading your page, you’ll need to change your settings so only friends can view your posts. This is an option through most major pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, know that you can still be found when your information is on the internet. People can view your updates on a friend’s account, and hiding your pages isn’t the best way to prove your professionalism to a potential employer.

Assume You’ve Been Found

These days, every employer does it: Facebook-stalking. Prospective employers are often vetting the social media accounts of all credible applicants. Take your social media presence seriously. Expect your interviewer to look you up as soon as you walk out the door. A quick search will likely pull up your Facebook and Twitter, depending on whether you’ve used your full name on these profiles. This happens in every industry, even with hiring managers who are less tech-savvy. It’s possible they’ve delegated this task to someone before you even have your interview, so you need to plan for every possibility. The best course of action is to make any visible information on your social media pages amicable for anyone who may be vetting you.

Post Like Everyone’s Watching

One way to ensure you’re providing a professional impression is to prevent any misleading indicators. When you post to social media, do so knowing someone may be watching. Even private accounts can be unearthed, so best practice dictates you should think twice about anything you put on the web. Avoid compromising party pictures, radical statements and controversial or inappropriate content that will turn off potential employers. Also eliminate any posts that make you look bad: complaining about a former boss or publicly gossiping about colleagues. Inappropriate behavior online translates to unwanted behavior in the workplace.

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