Managing people is challenging, but one of the most difficult components of being a supervisor is retaining employees. Successful onboarding hold the key to long-term satisfaction in your employees. Express the company’s priorities on day one. This will impress upon your staff that they are valued and appreciated. Reduce team turnover by streamlining your onboarding process and emphasizing the big picture at your organization. There are a few simple ways to be sure that your onboarding program will be successful:

Define the Company’s Brand

Cultivating a distinctive environment for your business will attract qualified candidates looking to expand their skill set. If you’re interested in hiring the best talent, you’ll want to create a comfortable vibe in the workplace. Giving your company a specific brand can set you apart from competitors and entice candidates to join your team. Highlight your brand in job descriptions as well as on the company website: this information should be available to potential hires. Make new hires feel welcome, and be sure your team is supportive every step of the way. A harmonious company culture does wonders for retention, and can ensure a positive experience for all staff members.

Streamline the Onboarding Process

One of the best ways to bolster employee retention is to have a stand-out onboarding program. The most effective process usually involves short chunks of understandable information. Overloading tons of information on new hires can completely overwhelm them. Your employees will be more likely to miss important pieces of information if your onboarding program lacks balance. Keep new staff members engaged by making onboarding a bit more interesting. Try a new hire scavenger hunt, where individuals will explore the entire company to learn more about the office and the team. Supervisors may also want to consider icebreakers for staff members that will need to collaborate frequently. The onboarding process should reduce stress, not enhance it.

Work Smart

Truly think about what new hires are looking for. They will review documentation and learn about the company, but what do new employees really seek? Most likely, they want to hit the ground running and feel welcome. Be proactive before your new staff members arrive. Be sure their station or office is already set up for them, and that your entire team is committed to a harmonious environment. Turnover is expensive, and if a new hire doesn’t feel comfortable, they won’t remain for long.

If you can’t find the top candidates you need to fill positions, consider working with a staffing agency like Job Store Staffing. Talented staff members will benefit from your new streamlined onboarding program, so be sure your company is running at peak capacity. For more insight on how to maximize your organization’s capabilities, check out our resources today.


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