How Often Should You Be Job Searching?

When you’ve been at your current position for a while, it can be easy to settle in and get comfortable with your situation. However, your career goals should never be sidelined simply because your job is acceptable. If you’re in a situation where you are gainfully employed but contemplating other options, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I Appreciated?

Establish how long you’ve been with the company. Often reflecting on your existing job can remind you that you’ve been in the same position longer than you thought. One year quickly turns to three, and then five, and then a decade of loyalty. There’s nothing wrong with sticking around, as long as your employer appreciates you and rewards your loyalty. Next, analyze the depth of that appreciation. Is your hard work recognized? Are you getting the appropriate raise or promotion in your line of work? You might not even notice you’re being overlooked. Often a rude awakening comes when a client realizes that they were pouring their heart into a company where there were no promotions available. Make sure you haven’t hit the end of the road.

Am I Growing?

Reflect on what you’ve learned with the company, and what your priorities are on the job. If you’re not learning anything new, stagnation can be dangerous. Getting stuck in a rut when it comes to professional development means you may lose the chance to move to new positions. Do colleagues and superiors appreciate your work? Are you compensated fairly, and receiving regular raises and/or promotions? Growth is essential. Many employees shift positions within three to four years to establish themselves as leaders and develop new professional abilities.

The Bottom Line

It comes down to your needs. When it comes to the frequency of your job search, you should always be seeking new opportunities that are relevant to your professional experience. Keep a list of your career aspirations for the future, and then draw out what steps will get you where you want to be. The job market is constantly changing, and you need to tailor your search to your abilities as well as the industry that interests you. You should be job searching at least annually, even if you’re satisfied with your position.
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