5 Ways to Find and Connect With Your Target Market on Social Media

These days, you simply cannot ignore the impact of social media. You can reach a huge audience from your laptop; or more likely, your phone. To take advantage of this branch of marketing, you’ve got to know your target market inside and out to anticipate their needs and deliver what they want.
Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to locate and appeal to your client base. Below are five ways to focus your energy in the right direction.

Determine Your Market

Identify your target audience: What customers do you need, and who can you serve best? Your first step should be analyzing your market and finding your niche. Find what works for your company and capitalize on it. Never stray too far from your primary client base or your brand will become muddled. Staying apprised of the trends, needs, and pain points of your audience will ensure your success.

Locate Your Audience

It’s vital to know where your target market spends their time when using social media. Are they Pinterest addicts, Instagram insiders, Facebook fiends? Whatever the case, the number one rule is to meet them where they are. Some simple analytics should be able to tell you if you need to focus your energy creating 140 character remarks, or perfectly cultivated photos. Get data from one or two platforms and see how you can capitalize on it. Use this knowledge while also thinking about what your brand represents.

Prepare to Compete

Know that social media is a space full of competitors. You may find that your biggest competitor has a huge presence on one of the major platforms. Create a strategy with your team to determine the best way to tackle this obstacle. Perhaps the answer is focusing on a platform they are not using. Post content that is attention-grabbing and engaging, and remember that social media is a great way to speak to your audience directly.

Analyze Your Consumers

It’s time to take a look at your results, and the major social media platforms will provide you with real-time data. Use these numbers to narrow your focus, amp up your content, or branch out to similar markets. Experiment with new methods of reaching your client base. Is Facebook outperforming all of your other social media platforms? Great ! Ramp up your content, but don’t forget to at least have a small presence on the rest.

Stay Vigilant of Trends

No matter what, bear in mind that social media is ever-evolving. Trends and tools can change in a moment, so it’s essential to be ahead of the curve and know what’s relevant. Regularly read marketing blogs or websites that you trust. Avoid hiring a millennial who knows how to use Facebook, but may not know your industry or competitors. A few minutes of research a day will keep you on the pulse of social media, and save you a salary of someone who may not provide value to your company.
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