Everyone’s been there: You wanted to perform perfectly in your interview, but it just didn’t happen. There can be a range of emotions from discomfort to all-out humiliation when you say the wrong thing during an interview. But don’t let it get you down! Job-hunting is a time-consuming and stressful commitment. Odds are, if you’re feeling defeated or embarrassed, you’ll be less productive. However, if you can stay positive and focused, you can find the next step in your journey to your ideal career. Here’s how to power through a bad application or interview experience.

Stay in Control

The most important thing we can tell you is: Don’t panic! It’s easy to begin a downward spiral after a job search disaster. Reject these overwhelming doubts and embrace the positives. Each job opportunity is a learning experience even if it doesn’t lead to a position. Commit a specific amount of time the night before your next job interview to reading the company website and memorize a few facts that will impress the hiring manager.

Don’t Dwell

It can be easy to feel defeated if you’re flustered during a bad day on the job hunt. Letting yourself get caught up in a negative attitude will make you second-guess your talents and feel undeserving. You don’t want to walk into your next interview already down on yourself – it’s vital to not get stuck in a rut. If you’re feeling like a failure, try something outside of your comfort zone. Apply for a job that you know you can get, perhaps just for the interview experience.

Embrace the Next Step

After a bad day on the job hunt, try your best to turn it around. Spending your evening watching Netflix or going out for drinks might make you feel worse in the morning. Focus on ending on a positive note. Make an effort to apply to one more position than usual, or follow up on an interview that went well. Don’t forget that although the job hunt can be tough, there’s always a silver lining. Mistakes happen – but take fifteen minutes to yourself to bounce back and take note of how you can do better in the future. 

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