When is it Okay to Discuss Your Personal Life During the Interview Process?

Still developing your interview skills and looking to learn more about what to say? Don’t be fooled: There are no answers that will be correct for every interview you have. Each company has a different culture, so assessing the environment is key. Employers look for a person that will be a good fit, so an important part of the job search is being honest and forthcoming. But how do you know when you’ve crossed the line? Job Store Staffing can help provide guidelines for what’s appropriate discuss regarding your personal life.

First Impressions

Each employer is different, so start by doing your research before you submit an application. A laid-back office environment may warrant a different approach than a stricter corporate culture. Personal preference also plays a role: if you’re serious about a position and feel comfortable with the hiring manager, mentioning a pregnancy may be the right move. However, you want to feel confident you’re making the right choice for yourself. Things that are essential to mention: If you’re already moving to the area, or if you’ve got special qualifications or connections to the position.

Showing Enthusiasm

It’s okay to be forthcoming about your professional and personal reasons for finding this job. In most cases, it’s sensible to mention your excitement about taking on a new leadership role, or that you’re looking forward to the company’s perks. Don’t be self-conscious about taking advantage of the company day care, or the amazing in-office yoga sessions. That’s why companies do it! They want to attract talent like you by providing services that allow you to center your focus.

Timing is Everything

Reveal personal information gradually. Introduce yourself in sections so the hiring managers learn a little more about you during your first interview and additional meetings. For example, if money comes up, you don’t want to sound too eager about “getting the big bucks”. Focus on how your experience qualifies you for a higher wage, not your bills or spending habits. Keep conversations about salary or benefits professional, particularly before you get the official offer letter in your hands.
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