When a “Thank You” Note Can Hurt You

When you are looking for a new position, you need to find ways to set yourself apart from other candidates. One way to do this is to send a “Thank You” note to a hiring manager after a job interview. If you choose to send a note to a potential employer, however, you need to avoid some important mistakes.

You Failed to Proofread

As with your cover letter, resume, and other documents you send to a potential employer, you will want to make sure you proofread your note before you send it. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, typos or half formed thoughts. You will also want to make sure you spell the name of the company and the interviewer correctly to avoid an embarrassing situation.

You Created a Template

While you may want a basic outline of what you want to include in your “Thank You” note written down or saved on your computer, you don’t want a generic template you send out to everyone. In order to make your interview memorable, you have to put the same amount of effort to personalize your note as you do other aspects of your interview. Make sure you put in a detail of what stood out to you during the interview and information that shows what the interviewer said to you was important.

You Wrote a Long Letter

A “Thank You” note needs to be a short note showing the interviewer you are interested in the position and you are appreciative of their time. It shouldn’t be a long drawn out note rehashing all the reasons why the company should hire you. While you may want to clarify some points brought up in the interview, the “Thank You” needs to be concise.

You Waited Too Long to Send It

The standard time frame for sending a “Thank You” note is within 24 hours of the interview. Yet the sooner you send it the better. You may want to have your outline saved on your tablet or phone so you can send it to the interviewer within a few minutes after you leave to show the manager your organizational skills.
A “Thank You” note should be a thoughtful message you send to a person to show you appreciate them and their time. So make sure the notes you send after a job interview are personal communications that are succinct and sent within the proper time frame. By doing these things, you will have accomplished your goal of setting yourself apart from the other candidates.
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