It’s exciting when you receive a job offer. After all the effort you put in searching for and applying to potential positions, a job offer feels like a validation of your skills. However, you shouldn’t immediately accept a job offer. In fact, if the opportunity isn’t right for you, it is okay to say “No thank you” and continue your job search.

Experts suggest that when you receive a job offer, it is important to take time to evaluate the opportunity. It is recommended that you take up to three days to look at all aspects of the position to make sure it is a good fit for you and your goals. Evaluating the compensation package, culture and growth opportunities will enable you to determine if you should accept a potential job offer.

Compensation and Salary

One of the first elements of a job offer you should evaluate is salary and benefits. Look at the salary they are offering you to determine if it is competitive based on your experience and the area. If the wage is significantly lower compared to what other companies are offering, then this may prove the organization doesn’t value its employees. Alternatively, with the recent job market, the company may feel you are willing to take a job at a lower salary for job security.

On the other hand, the lower salary may be in exchange for a handsome benefits package. If the organization is offering quality health insurance, a retirement package or stock option plan, than this may more than offset a lower wage. If this is the case, you may want to consider accepting the offer in spite of a lower annual salary.

The Perfect Fit

Another aspect of a job offer you need to consider is if the culture of the organization is a good fit. Will you be able to get along with your co-workers and management? Does the position offer opportunities that will make you feel challenged and satisfied? Or will you feel like you are just putting your time in every day?

Job satisfaction is an important part of a career that people overlook. They think a paycheck is all that matters, and as long as their bills are paid this should be enough. However, if you’re happy in your position you will find work more enjoyable, you will excel at your duties and increase the chances for advancement. You will find that your job satisfaction will extend to positive interactions in your social life as well.

Growth Opportunity

You may accept a job offer, but that doesn’t mean you want to remain in that position your entire career. You have a goal in mind of where you want to be five or ten years done the road and the job position you are offered need to be able to help you towards that goal. This assistance can either be with experience for a future position or career growth within the company.

Look at the company that is offering you the job. Does the organization encourage job growth and promote from within? Will the experience you gain in that position help you obtain a better position in the future? Look at the answer to these questions to determine if the potential position is in line with your current career path.

A job needs to be able to offer you more than just a weekly paycheck. You need to be able to receive compensation that is competitive, a position that offers job satisfaction, and the experience you need to meet specific career goals. If the job offer creates the right balance between salary, job satisfaction and opportunity, then you should accept the offer. If it doesn’t strike the right balance, however, it is ok for you to say “no” to that job and continue your search for a better position.

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