Pride Brings Better Results: How to Improve Team Unity and Sense of Purpose

Teams are a vital part of the workplace. Managers have to help employees with different personalities and work styles create a cohesive unit in order to be productive. In order to create harmony and efficiency in the workplace, managers should work to improve morale and a sense of purpose in teams.

Team Environment

Teams take a unique management style to increase efficiency. Every individual has their own goals, motivations and style that effects their performance. In addition, team members aren’t always from the same department. Often, cross-functional teams are necessary to complete specific departments. This increases the animosity and self-promotional aspect of team members.
Leaders need to find a way to help members work together toward a common goal by putting aside personal goals, animosity and even self-promotion. When you increase morale and instill a sense of purpose, unity and efficiency are the result.

Instilling Morale

Many companies create an environment of employees competing with one another for resources, management approval and job security. While upper management may believe that this atmosphere of competition increases efficiency, it isn’t a setting for team unity. In order to inspire harmony, managers must first bolster morale.
Leaders need to use positive reinforcement and cooperation as a way to manage team members. This will help employees to believe that working together is what fosters job success. When workers see one another as a benefactor instead of a competitor, people will start finding ways to work together to complete essential tasks.

Creating a Sense of Purpose

Studies show that when employees feel that what they do in their job is beneficial they feel satisfied and increase efficiency. That is why volunteers and people who work for non-profits are willing to take on more tasks and labor harder than those who work for standard companies. Creating a sense of purpose will help your team to see that completing projects does more than increase the company’s profits.
You don’t have to manufacture shoes for third world children or assist low-income families with quality housing to generate a sense of purpose for your employees. There are many ways to benefit a local community or group indirectly. Research how your company’s product or service is beneficial and use that to inspire your team members.
Employees who feel as though their work is appreciated, that their co-workers can help them be successful, and that what they do has meaning are willing to work harder and accomplish more. When managers foster unity, purpose and morale, they will see better results than leaders who use competition and negative reinforcement.
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