As summer approaches and the weather gets better, keeping employees motivated and productive can get more difficult.

The lure of being outside during the summer months can take a toll in the workplace.  Here are some tips to keep employee morale up and make sure work doesn’t suffer this summer.

  1. Offer incentives.  The summer is a great time to institute contests or other incentives to encourage productivity.  Reward employees who meet certain benchmarks with tickets to concerts, sporting events, theme parks, or other summer-related prizes.
  2.  Host events.  Along the same lines, summer is the perfect time to host company outings. Whether it’s a 4th of July barbecue, company picnic, trip to a baseball game, or a golf outing, these events build company morale and camaraderie, while providing great excuses to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.
  3. Be flexible. Consider areas where you can be more flexible during the summer. Many people go on weekend getaways during the summer, so consider allowing workers to move their schedule around or leave early on a Friday to get a head start on their weekend travels. Another possibility is to hold casual Fridays or even relax the dress code entirely for the summer.  Wearing comfortable clothes can make the summer heat more bearable and help to keep morale and productivity high.
  4. Set an example. Finally, it is important that you lead by example when it comes to staying productive during the summer. Come to work on time, show up to meetings, stay engaged.  If your employees see you are keeping up your work during the summer, they are more likely to willingly follow suit.

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