How To Get Employers to Notice You

With so many people competing for jobs these days, it can sometimes seem impossible to stand out from the pack.  However, there are many things you do that can help you get noticed by employers. Here are a few great examples.
Get online. In this day and age, there may be no better place to get noticed by an employer than the internet.
The first step is to establish an online identity.  Build a Facebook and Linkedin profile, start a blog and Twitter account.  Be careful and consistent in building these pages.  Focus on your interests and strengths, and be sure to include the type of work you’re looking for.
Once you have established a presence on the internet, the next step is to use it to network.  The internet provides countless ways to find and connect with potential employers.  Once you find people of interest, join their Linkedin network, follow and engage with them through Twitter, link to their websites and blogs.  These things are sure to put you on an employer’s radar.
Get personal. Incorporating personal touches is a great way to stand out with interviewers or prospective employers.  The more you can learn about these people, the better off you will be.
Look at interviewers’ Likedin pages and other profiles.  Read up on some of their current projects.  When you get a chance to meet or interview with these people, bring up some of these personal details.  It will establish rapport and show you are genuinely interested and did your research.
Also, knowing an individual’s personal tastes or habits will allow you to reach out in a creative way that will make you stand out from the pack.
Get creative.  Getting noticed may sometimes require getting creative.  Employers get hundreds of resumes and interview so many qualified people that it gets difficult to distinguish one person from another.  Thinking a little outside the box can help you stand out from the pack.
Things like making a video resume, taking out a billboard, or wearing a unique outfit can definitely help you get noticed.  But be careful.  Some antics can rub the employer the wrong way and end up backfiring.   It is important to try to get a sense for the employer and the type of work and what may or may not be appropriate.
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