Denver: Top Place for Business and Careers

When it comes to working or operating a business, there is no better place than Denver.
Recently, Forbes named Denver the 6th best place in the country for business and careers. It was the second largest city in the top ten.
The list surveyed the country’s 200 largest metropolitan areas, and looked at numerous factors, including job growth, costs, education levels, and projected economic growth.
This is just one of the many recent studies to recognize Denver as a top job market.
Here’s a look at the some of the biggest reasons why Denver is such a great place for business and jobs.

  1. Location. Denver’s central location makes it a hub for distribution to the West.  Meanwhile, its proximity to the mineral-rich Rocky Mountains has attracted the mining and energy industries.  Add in thriving telecommunications, technology, and aerospace industries, and it’s no wonder Denver has one of the highest job growth rates in the country.
  2. Education. Denver is home to one of the country’s most highly educated populations. It ranks 20th in Forbes’ education rankings, with nearby Boulder claiming the top spot. Almost 90% of Denver’s population has a high school diploma.  More than 38% have a college degree and more than 13% have a graduate degree.  Aside from being highly educated, Denver’s workforce is also very large, with a population of more than 2.6 million people, and a net migration of 21,000.
  3. Quality of life. Not many cities can match Denver when it comes to quality of life. The city is surrounded by mountains and open space. Residents enjoy frequent sunny days, giving it a well-earned reputation as an “outdoorsy” paradise. The city also has a relatively low crime rate and a thriving cultural scene, boasting several nationally recognized museums and the second largest performing arts center in the country after New York’s Lincoln Center.

All these factors combine to make Denver a truly great place to work or operate a business.  For help finding a staffing firm in Denver or for help navigating the city’s job market, turn to Job Store Staffing.  We will provide you with the personalized service and expertise you need to staff your company. Contact us today!

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