Why Didn’t I get the Job?

Hearing no is never easy.  Not getting a job you wanted can be difficult to take, particularly if you felt a real a connection with a company or thought you had a really great interview.
It is important to see the rejection not as a defeat, but as an opportunity. This means understanding what went wrong so you can improve in the future.
There are many possible reasons why you did not get the job.  Below are a few great places to seek feedback that can help bolster your chances for the next interview.
1. The interviewer. The first and best place to go for feedback may also seem the most unlikely – the person who just interviewed you and said no.
Send the interviewer a short email thanking them for taking the time to meet you, reaffirming your interest in the company, and asking them to provide you with any guidance as to why you were not the right fit at this time and advice as to how to improve in the future.
While it may seem weird to reach out to the person who just rejected you, this email can accomplish two very important things:
First, this person is uniquely suited to provide you with constructive criticism.  They have just interviewed you, so you are fresh in their mind.  They also likely have experience interviewing others, so they can explain exactly what they look for and how certain candidates distinguish themselves.
Second, the email will show the interviewer that you are professional, committed, and interested in the company.  This will likely keep you on their radar for future positions that open up.  Not many people will do this, so this a great way to distinguish yourself.
2. Career counselor.  Career counselors, whether through school or other areas, know employers and what they look for.  They also can provide valuable input on interview skills and tips.
3. Friends.  Sometimes just talking things over with a friend can be helpful.  Interviews are all about selling yourself, so talking with someone who knows you well can help to show areas where you can better talk about your strengths
Regardless of where you look for advice, Job Store Staffing is a great place to jump-start your job search.  We have all the resources you need to help you succeed in securing employment.  If you are looking for jobs in the Denver, be sure to contact us today.

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