Can a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn be effectively utilized to screen top talent?  That question is being asked by hiring managers all over the country, and the answer is definitely “yes”.

Facebook and Twitter have always played a minor role in the search and screening process; most recruiters do check a candidate’s Facebook profile and Twitter feeds for information needed to help them figure out the candidate’s personality.  This is done to make sure a candidate is professional and can fit in with the company culture.  In addition, many recruiters (quite honestly) look through Facebook and Twitter for information to disqualify a person from contention.  In fact, 1 out of 3 employers have rejected candidates based on something they found out about them online.

Do not forget about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a powerful recruiting tool.  Of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn should give you the clearest snapshot of what sort of employee a candidate might be.

By taking the time to analyze a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and activity, you can find much more nuanced information about the candidate – allowing you to make a better decision regarding skills, competencies and fit.  For example, by:

  • Analyzing a candidate’s activity on LinkedIn’s discussion groups, you can discover who is engaged in their industry. Do they spend all their time posting nonsensical articles or do they spend quality time positing intelligent and insightful commentary?
  • Reading through a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, you can determine who is/is not team player. Do they take credit for everything?  Do they give credit where credit is due?
  • Analyzing a LinkedIn profile, you might find critical omissions and discrepancies from the resume.  Are they being dishonest or are there extenuating factors that might make the situation less clear?
  • Analyzing a candidate’s connections you can validate, clarify and challenge existing assessments.  For example, the existence or non-existence of certain connections can provide clues about a person’s relationships with former employers, manager and peers.

LinkedIn is an easily accessible source of information which may assist hiring managers and recruiters to more quickly and accurately assess the experience, competencies, and behaviors of potential candidates.  The key is to compare and contrast the information found on LinkedIn with additional information – cover letter, resumes and interview answers.  By doing so, a recruiter can highlight areas which require additional consideration and affirm existing assumptions regarding a candidate.

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