Why Do Top Performers Quit?

Top performers leave their jobs for a variety of reasons. This results in decreased productivity, revenue, and business success. If top performers are leaving your company, you need to analyze the cause. Resolving the issue can encourage other employees to stay. Discover some of the main reasons top performers quit their jobs and what you… Read More »

How Can You Assist Your Employees in Feeling at Home at Work?

Your employees likely feel most comfortable when they are at home. They can be who they are and engage in the activities they enjoy in a relaxed environment. Similar principles can apply to your work environment. Helping your employees feel comfortable at the office promotes engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The more your employees feel like… Read More »

A Booming Denver Economy is Only Part of the Story

The lowering unemployment rate is good news for people who live and work in Denver. This upward trend is likely to continue as new businesses open in the area and seek qualified candidates. Denver’s booming economy means more than just better jobs. It also means that the housing market is stabilizing, the hospitality industry is… Read More »