How Can You Assist Your Employees in Feeling at Home at Work?

Your employees likely feel most comfortable when they are at home. They can be who they are and engage in the activities they enjoy in a relaxed environment.

Similar principles can apply to your work environment. Helping your employees feel comfortable at the office promotes engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The more your employees feel like they belong with your company, the longer they are likely to work for your organization.

Discover five ways you can help your employees feel at home while at work.

1. Empower Your Employees

Empowered employees tend to be confident, creative, and committed to reaching business goals.

  • Allow your employees as much control as possible over their work to foster a sense of importance and belonging.
  • Provide motivation for your employees to purposefully engage in their work and stay productive.
  • Let your employees have a say in the decisions you make that affect your team.

2. Encourage Self-Expression

Employees who can be their true selves feel valued and respected.

  • Enforce a dress code in line with company values while allowing employees to be comfortable.
  • Show respect for employees who dress according to their religious beliefs.

3. Foster Belonging

Encourage a sense of inclusion for your employees.

  • Organize casual get-togethers after work so your employees can get to know each other in a relaxed setting.
  • Assign teammates to work together on projects to promote camaraderie.

4. Promote Growth

Employees who are given opportunities for professional growth tend to remain with a company long-term.

  • Provide your employees bonuses and raises in line with their accomplishments and the additional value they provide.
  • Offer the training and coaching needed to develop their skills and earn promotions.
  • Delegate work that helps your employees become comfortable in leadership roles.

5. Recognize Achievements

Employees who have their accomplishments recognized tend to remain engaged and productive.

  • Point out specific ways each employee’s progress and growth have contributed to the company.
  • Provide bonuses, raises, and promotions when appropriate to encourage forward movement.

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