How to Use LinkedIn Networking for Job Search Success

LinkedIn is the top professional networking platform for a reason. It connects professionals with the contacts, roles, and companies they desire. You can use LinkedIn to set up informational interviews to learn more about a company or position. Talking with professionals in your field increases your odds of landing the desired role. This helps you… Read More »

Nail Your Manufacturing Job Interview by Making the Most Out of Your Experience

When you are applying for a manufacturing position, it is important to make a good first impression on the interviewer. Having knowledge about the industry, the company you are applying for, and your strengths and weaknesses will help you leverage your job experience. It’s Not All About You The interviewer wants to know about more… Read More »

Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Looking for Quality Talent

Women-owned businesses survived the recent recession and are now looking to grow. This provides optimum opportunity for qualified candidates like you. Understand how female entrepreneurs run their businesses differently and what that means for job seekers. Strategic Survival Established women-owned businesses survived the recent recession in one of two ways. The companies either cut costs… Read More »