Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Looking for Quality Talent

Women-owned businesses survived the recent recession and are now looking to grow. This provides optimum opportunity for qualified candidates like you. Understand how female entrepreneurs run their businesses differently and what that means for job seekers.

Strategic Survival

Established women-owned businesses survived the recent recession in one of two ways. The companies either cut costs or worked to increase sales to maintain its foothold in the market. Entrepreneurs of both strategies aren’t sure they always made the right decision, and now they are looking at making corrections as they head for the calmer waters of a recovering economy.
Statistics show that 45% of female entrepreneurs are now seeking to increase staff levels and 9% are laying off workers. This is the opposite of what these same companies did during the recession. Reports indicate that 36% of these women-owned businesses reduced staff sizes during the recession. This change of direction is the job seeker’s gain if they have the right mind set and skills.

Positive Changes

The women who have businesses work hard to keep their companies going. They put in long hours during the week and often on the weekends. They aren’t afraid of doing what it takes to make sure their business not only survive but also thrive. Women-owned businesses have also made some drastic changes to the work environment, such as better childcare, flextime and improved work-life balance. This makes working with female entrepreneurs a demanding but rewarding experience.

Are You Right for the Job?

Women-owned businesses are different. The owners expect a lot from you, but they also give a lot back. They need employees with energy, enthusiasm and fortitude to help take their company to the next level. Therefore, if you are an energetic worker who isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, you will be a good fit for a company run by a female entrepreneur.
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