Interview Prep: 2023 Resume Trends

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Having your resume stand out is increasingly difficult. Your resume must emphasize your strengths and versatility. This shows the value you can add to an organization.

After submission, your resume typically goes through an applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS scans for keywords and tracks your application throughout the hiring process.

If your resume meets the criteria, an HR team member, hiring manager, or other decision-maker looks over your information. According to Indeed, the individual glances at your resume for an average of 6-7 seconds.

As a result, your resume must quickly show how your qualifications would make you successful in the position. The following tips can help.

Use these 2023 resume trends to highlight your qualifications and help land the role you desire.

Tailor Your Skills to the Position

Clarify the knowledge, skills, and experience you have that are relevant to the role. Use the job description to determine which information to emphasize in your resume.

For instance, assume the position requires experience using Hootsuite, which you used in a previous role. Rather than listing on your resume your experience using social media management platforms, specifically mention Hootsuite.

Be honest about the information in your resume. For instance, if you do not enjoy public speaking, avoid saying you are comfortable presenting information to large groups.

Keep in mind your resume is a marketing document. Although emphasizing specific skills increases your odds of landing the position, many skills can be learned through on-the-job training.

Emphasize Your Value

Show how your skills provided value for previous employers and can provide additional value for your next employer. Including quantifiable proof of your abilities increases your professional credibility.

Highlight relevant statistics, certificates, and awards from previous roles. This information may include any of the following:

  • Growth: What your key performance indicators (KPIs) were and how you met or exceeded them. The numbers that mattered most to your boss, such as revenue, profitability, or margin.
  • Reduction: Where and how you saved money, time, or other resources. Examples include reducing waste, eliminating redundancy, or saving money.
  • Impact: Concrete ways your efforts positively affected the company. Examples include the number of people you helped or the percentage you increased sales.
  • Frequency: How often something listed on your resume happened. Examples include regularly exceeding your quarterly revenue goals or increasing your retention rates year-over-year.

Focus on Your Presentation

Visually balance your resume using color and space. For instance, include bullet points and indentations. Also, make your key information easy to find.

Focus on your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This shows you pay attention to detail and produce high-quality work.

Consider using Grammarly or another writing assistant tool to check your resume. This elevates the readability of your resume.

The professional who skims your resume must quickly see you fit the qualifications for success in the position. This encourages them to contact you for an interview.

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