How to Create a Culture of Corporate Resiliency and Appreciation

Corporate resiliency is both recovering from and adapting to a crisis. The company’s ability to learn from the challenges lets the organization grow stronger.

Corporate resiliency helps with planning for future disruptions. The organization can overcome challenges and continue to move forward.

Leaders who watch for potential business disruptions develop plans to work through adversity. These leaders remain calm under pressure and respond positively to change. They use difficult opportunities to learn, grow, and become more resilient.

Creating a culture of corporate resiliency helps your business overcome hard times. This lets your organization continue to grow and outperform competitors.

Implement these tips to develop a culture of corporate resiliency and appreciation.

Make Corporate Resiliency an Ongoing Practice

Corporate resiliency develops from employee resiliency. Your company’s finances, brand, reputation, operations, technology, strategy, and other factors also play a role. However, your employees are your best asset during times of disruption.

Emphasize the importance of your employees successfully handling challenging times. Examples include coping with changes to their positions or the organization without feeling overwhelmed.

Support Employee Well-Being

Promote high degrees of competency, capability, purpose, and fulfillment among employees. This makes your workforce more resilient to stressful times.

Cultivating employee fulfillment can be accomplished by filling basic needs, then moving up to higher needs. This includes properly compensating employees for their work and providing benefits and perks to live well. It also involves promoting a sense of inclusion and connection among colleagues and pride and meaning in each employee’s work.

Provide Employees a Common Purpose

Working towards a common goal influence how much employees care about their contributions.  The more invested employees are in their work, the more motivated they are to move forward during challenging times. This encourages employees to find ways to support the company.

A 2020 Deloitte report on corporate resiliency stated that a purpose-oriented workforce typically seeks challenges, connects with others to learn faster, and confidently adapts to change. These characteristics are required during times of uncertainty.

Reinforce Behaviors That Promote Corporate Resiliency

Recognize and reward employees for their contributions to corporate resiliency. This increases productivity, performance, and employee morale. These actions impact the company’s level of success in moving through challenging times.

Emphasize the traits, practices, and behaviors required for your organization to move forward during challenging times. For instance, a healthy work-life balance provides employees with time and space to unwind and bounce back from stressful situations. As a result, you might recognize and reward employees who maintain boundaries, prioritize self-care, or demonstrate other healthy behaviors.

Reward employees whose actions align with your company’s core values. Values-based recognition shows how employees contribute to the team and the company’s success.

Values-based recognition is especially important during times of rapid change. This provides a sense of employee security and value to the company. As a result, employee motivation and productivity tend to increase.

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