Guidelines for Fostering Inclusion and Diversity

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Everyone in your organization needs to embrace your inclusion and diversity initiatives. This is especially true for managers.

Because managers lead teams, they set an example for employees to follow. As a result, employees’ behavior is similar to their manager’s behavior.

This is why managers must model the inclusive and diverse behavior they expect from their teams. This promotes inclusivity and diversity among your workforce.

Follow these guidelines to promote inclusion and diversity in your organization.

Demonstrate Inclusion and Diversity

Showing managerial commitment to inclusion and diversity increases employee engagement. Employees who feel valued and respected perform their best. This elevates productivity and retention.

Managers can share articles on inclusion and diversity and openly discuss what they learn. Managers also can welcome team discussions about the issues. Plus, they can ask for feedback on their actions involving inclusion and diversity.

Align with Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

Gaining manager buy-in for inclusion and diversity goals helps make the issues part of company culture. This process can begin by stating a clear purpose for these goals. Creating a shared understanding of the importance of inclusion and diversity demonstrates why they matter to your organization.

Increasing awareness of the struggles that employees of specific demographics often face promotes knowledge of social issues. This can be accomplished through sharing content created by experts with diverse perspectives.

Provide Inclusion and Diversity Training  

Use workshops, activities, and discussions to educate managers about inclusion and diversity. Include the common challenges diverse employees face and how managerial decisions may impact these employees. Also, share real-life feedback from employee surveys and focus groups to promote discussions about these issues.

Educating managers on how their behaviors impact inclusion and diversity helps them implement what they learn. This promotes a more inclusive culture.

Encourage managers to form cross-functional teams to make decisions and solve problems. Hearing diverse ideas and experiences shows every employee is valued and respected. It also promotes collaboration, morale, and innovation.

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