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5 Ways to Have a More Inclusive Workplace

5 Ways to Have a More Inclusive Workplace Job Store Staffing®

Inclusion makes employees feel comfortable and valued — but did you know that it can make them more productive, too? Here’s how it works.

1) Celebrate Your Culture

Your workplace may feature more diversity than you know. Varying religions, genders, races, ethnicities, and overall life experiences likely culminate within your organization that has not been expressed. Start with an all-compassing cultural calendar where your employees can choose to highlight the holidays and traditions they celebrate throughout the year. Add some fun holidays too – who doesn’t want to celebrate National Donut Day? You can express the importance of intellectual and personal perspectives while also encouraging fun at work.

2) Determine Your Standing

To create a more inclusive workplace, you need to find your baseline. Take inventory with an assessment to identify where you are currently when it comes to your current workplace environment. All of your employees can weigh in on diversity in the workplace and how inclusive they believe the team is.

3) Measure Goals

When it comes to encouraging inclusion in the workplace, employers need to clarify what specific goals they wish to attain. Making a strategic plan for inclusion will help you take the next step after you identify your needs. For example, you may want to focus on a broader age demographic to include a wider variety of perspectives, or you may discuss benchmarks for recruiting people of color if your leadership lacks that representation.

4) Maintain the Priority

Stay accountable and check in on a regular basis to keep working toward a more inclusive workplace. The goals you have set for your organization should transform into realities. You should be achieving your goals and replacing them with new ones, instead of maintaining the status quo.

5) Begin on Day One

When you’re onboarding new recruits, put your mission and vision at the front of your introductory materials. Your new hires should know immediately that you are committed to engaging with your employees to create the best possible environment for them to be productive and efficient.

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