How to Explain a Gap in Employment Due to COVID

JobStoreStaffing_How to Explain a Gap in Employment Due to COVID

Employment gaps are more common with the pandemic impacting every industry. An employment gap is a time where someone is not employed, and this gap can range from weeks to months to years, depending on a job seeker’s situation. With rampant layoffs and career changes, Did you find yourself with a gap in employment during the pandemic? Here’s how to professionally explain it during your job hunt and interview process.

Stay Optimistic

The worst thing a job seeker can do is dwell on the negatives and put out negative thoughts. It’s up to you to remember the positives and maintain a clear and confident headspace to make the best impression on a potential boss. Losing your job or struggling through the hiring process can leave you frustrated and discourage, but that energy won’t serve you well during a job interview. An employment gap, especially in a tough year like 2020, is not uncommon. You are not alone.

Talk About It

Don’t be afraid to be honest about your employment gap during a job interview – it’s bound to come up. Many people have experienced employment gaps for a variety of reasons and will understand that it’s not always a reflection of their ability. If you try to hide an employment gap or minimize it, hiring managers will wonder what else you are hiding.

Time For Growth

Explain what you did during that employment gap to shower employers how you turned a negative into a positive. For example, maybe you worked to extend your professional network or even maximized your hard and soft skills through training and coursework. Showing initiative during your downtime makes a big impression.

We Can Help You Find A Job

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