8 Apps to Help You Track the Productivity of Remote Employees

Are you struggling to manage a remote team? Even the best leaders are dealing with missed deadlines and technological difficulties. To get your crew re-oriented, we’re sharing the top eight apps that can help managers track the productivity of their remote employees.  

1. Monday  

Multiple moving projects? The monday app is a great tool to monitor bottlenecks and obstacles throughout your entire process. Assigning items to each employee helps determine precisely where each task is “living,” so you have a bird’s eye view of your team.   

2. TimeDoctor  

Looking to really dial into what your workers are spending time on? TimeDoctor allows you to track everyone on your team, breaking down the time spent on each task. This ultra-specific app will work for you if you’re looking to eliminate inefficiency.  

3. Tick  

Somewhat similar to TimeDoctor, Tick allows employers to quite literally track time, as if it were money. You can monitor a “time budget”, broken down incrementally and overall, which can really help you understand where you’re investing your resources in a time-sensitive project.   

4. TSheets  

TSheets, a Quickbooks company, is perfect for tracking employee time and wages. Integrating seamlessly with payroll software, TSheets is a great virtual time clock. You can review and approve employee time on the go, which can help you manage your team remotely while also anticipating job labor costs.  

5. Google Sheets  

Keep it simple with a Google form! One of the most simple and direct ways to manage information is the Google suite. You can create a Google form for each of your employees to report information, or you can track time on the go in a Google sheet. Having a document that automatically saves and can be shared among users is too convenient – you have to take advantage!  

6. Timely  

Timely provides employers with the tools to receive notifications on every step of the project’s progression. If forward motion is halted, you’ll know about it. With a great design and interface, Timely boasts rave reviews as workers can log their efforts and check in with others for a mutually beneficial monitoring system.  

7. HiveDesk  

For visual confirmation of productivity, you need HiveDesk. This app can provide task management for your remote employees, even granting you the opportunity to enable random screenshots on employee systems for periodic check-ins.  

8. RoadMap  

The Roadmap app allows for software-integrated project management and visual deadline management. If you’ve got multiple operations with varying deadlines, Roadmap can help you keep track of everything within a simple, user-friendly system.  

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