6 Tips to Create the Perfect Home Office Setup

Before 2020, remote workers would frequent coffee shops and public work stations to get things done. Now, the home office is the primary workspace for all kinds of employees. If you’re new to teleworking and looking for ways to stay productive, the first method is to create a space where you can thrive. To work effectively from home, you need a great home office that helps you focus. Here are our top six tips.  

1. Paint  

Now is definitely the time for home improvement. You may already be working on projects in your residence to help you feel more inspired and comfortable. But to cultivate the right mood in your office area, it’s time to paint. Studies show that certain colors can help you feel focused, calm, or passionate. Since you’ll be spending a good amount of time in your office, think about how you’d like the space to feel and make it happen!  

2. Declutter  

Organization at home becomes much more critical when a messy space can be detrimental to your job. When someone goes into work, they can leave their stress from home behind. However, if you have a messy office, you can’t leave it behind anymore. That’s why it’s time to declutter and sort your space to make sure you have a clear area to work. You won’t be able to maintain your focus on a project when last week’s bills are piled up. If it’s not directly related to the work task at hand, store it.   

3. Avoid Distraction  

Concentrating on your work tasks can be extremely hard when you’re adjusting to a remote setting, especially if you’re like many of us — not alone at home. Establish boundaries both with your family and with your colleagues. This means keeping your office door closed when possible, and setting specific work hours for yourself. You don’t want to be on duty for ten hours because you couldn’t stay engaged with your work earlier in the day.  

4. Solid Supplies  

Treat yo self! To office supplies!   

While you may not get excited about post-its and highlighters, you can respect the importance of having the tools you need at your fingertips. You probably have a preferred set of pens or stationery in the office, or maybe letter trays to keep your papers straight. Implement this system at home as well, so you’re not scrambling. Splurge on a box of your favorite pens, writing pads, and anything else that won’t leave you distracted. This way, you can write down quick information during an important video call.  

5. Create a Smart Space  

One way to maximize your workspace is to make it work for you. A smarter space can make you more efficient. You can make your space “smarter” by installing a smart speaker or Wi-Fi outlets. Automatic features can limit your distractions. Controlling your surroundings with quick voice commands can simplify your thoughts: you can make a post-work to-do list, or quickly turn on extra lights to stay on task.   

6. Make It Homey  

Don’t underestimate the power of a positive atmosphere. While you might not typically be a person that invests in throw pillows, a sense of ambiance and comfort in your work zone can help you be at your best. Find comforting touches that make sense for your space – photos you’re fond of, candles, plants, or anything else that sparks joy.   

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