How to Avoid Top Cybersecurity Threats to Your Company

Small and large businesses alike are under the threat of a cybersecurity breach. Whether your company has 50 employees or 5000, it’s likely that you’ve asked staff members to work remotely where possible. Therefore, you need to be extra-cautious regarding company equipment and data. Here are the top five risks to company cybersecurity, with details on how to help your staff overcome them. 

1. Phishing 

One of the first critical ways to protect your organization from fraudulent activity is to caution your employees against phishing scams. “Phishing” is a term for email scams that attempt to trick users into clicking on dangerous links or attempt to extract sensitive information. These days, phishing scams are advanced, and even tech-savvy workers can get duped. Designate someone on your team to look out for these threats and share them with the group.  

2. Weak Passwords 

Many of us are susceptible to cybersecurity threats due to detectable passwords. Make yours complicated and secure, with numbers, letters, and symbols. A password should never include personal info like the name of a pet or child. Additionally, advise your employees that they should never share their private code with anyone.  

3. Malware 

Malware is malicious software on your device. A malware attack can occur when an employee clicks on an untrustworthy link or opens an unknown attachment. Malware then corrupts your system, infecting your files or making you vulnerable to further attack. Your employees should never open emails from suspicious, unknown parties.  

4. Ransomware 

Ransomware is a massive threat to employees. Malware stays hidden, but ransomware is a confrontation. Ransomware is a danger when an employee clicks on a suspicious link or attachment, which typically causes an encryption via someone threatening blackmail. Ransomware is dangerous because if you don’t offer to deliver, typically in bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you’ll lose access to the data or it could be destroyed entirely. 

5. Scorned Employees 

Internal threats are a nearby threat to businesses because it’s impossible to anticipate human behavior. There are risks when it comes to running a company, and one of those is inevitably disappointing people. Managers need to worry about employers that were terminated or have access to dangerous information. Try to dismiss all employees on good terms, and immediately terminate all tech access when they depart from your organization. 

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