Big Hiring and Employment Changes in 2020

As the unemployment rate in the United States falls lower and lower, Colorado businesses are struggling to bring in valuable workers. In 2020 with the current Colorado job market, it can be challenging to effectively recruit, especially if you’re seeking specific trades or professionals. To learn how to adapt, follow Job Store Staffing’s tips on what to expect as an employer for the coming year.

Who Does The Hiring?

Companies are so used to using human resources personnel to bring in new staff members that alternatives often aren’t even considered. In the coming year, you may yield some different results if you utilize new perspectives. For example, you can hold interviews with panels instead of just you or your HR rep. Getting some creative voices in the mix can help you view applicants through a new lens.

Reskilling and Upskilling

Can’t seem to find anyone reliable that’s right for the role? Build from your existing team. The employment trends you’ll see in 2020 will involve less outside hiring and more promoting from within. Reskilling your workers means retraining with more relevant, parallel abilities. Upskilling involves taking an entry-level worker and providing the resources and the guidance they need to move into a more challenging role.

Tech-Savvy Recruiting

Use every technical tool at your disposal to attract great candidates. You can’t get ahead in this hiring market with paper applications and old-fashioned methods. You need to tap into everything social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram, even chatbots on your website to help bring people in. Quick, attention-grabbing visuals will comprise the future of job postings. Applicants are looking for better, faster ways to apply to positions. You may benefit from quick website queries or even texting with job seekers to expedite and enhance the hiring process.

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