Top Ten Things To Do in Denver

Denver is, without a doubt, an exceptional city. There are unparalleled experiences when it comes to unique dining, remarkable adventures, and amazing different ways to discover more of Colorado. Whether you’re in town for the weekend or a lifelong resident, you’ll be able to find more than one activity to keep you entertained. Here’s our definitive 2019 list of the top ten things to do in Denver.

1. Get Climbing!

For a fun, totally active, totally Denver activity, try the Denver Climbing Company. Beginners are welcome to give it a go, but seasoned climbers will also benefit from the routes available at Denver Climbing Company. Professionals can help you learn the ropes, and you’ll get an amazing workout. Their outdoor courses can help you experience Denver’s amazing terrain while climbing with experts that can help you perfect your climbing technique.

2. Be Sky-Bound

For a special Denver experience, embrace the Mile High vibe by taking a hot air balloon trip. All are welcome at Rocky Mountain Hot Air, a company that has been providing hot air balloon rides for over 25 years and offer a great flight experience when you’re in the area. If you have a couple of hours and are willing to spend some cash, Rocky Mountain Hot Air is the way to go.

3. A Garden Stroll

The Denver Botanic Gardens are perfect for a visit during any season. Perfect for families, the Denver Botanic Gardens allow for the exploration of all sorts of different flora. Seeing different plants from all over the world is a must do, and the Denver Botanic Garden gives that experience. It’s also a great opportunity to talk a wonderful walk if you want to avoid a cold spell.

4. Time to Hike

The true outdoorsman knows that Denver has a reputation for its peaks. Those interested in the great outdoors, some fresh air, and a good challenge will love an outing to Mount Evans. You can choose to drive the pass to view the landscapes for a quick tour. You can also lace up your boots if you would rather commit to the four-hour trek from lake to peak. Wildlife and incomparable skyline views are sure to greet you.

5. Ballpark Bliss

Coors Field is one of the arenas in town that can guarantee a good time. A baseball game is a great way to take in the sights and sounds, especially with Coors Field’s view of the Rocky Mountain Range. You can catch a game with the family, or baseball fans can sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities.

6. Denver Graffiti Tour

Seeking some edgier fun? Denver’s innovative Graffiti Tour is bound to give you some inspiration. This is one of the very best ways to experience Denver’s culture. After a two-hour guided walking tour of graffiti hotspots, you can visit the Denver Central Market for a bite to eat. It’s the perfect plan if you’re looking for a comprehensive view of Denver’s popular street art.

7. Denver Bike Trails

Want a faster-paced way to explore? Denver has a variety of options when it comes to bike trails. Exploring in an active way is a fantastic way to get your blood pumping while seeing the sights. You can easily rent a bike from the station and drop it at another for your convenience, or of course, bring your own!

8. Denver Beer Trail

Biking not your thing? Try a different kind of trail. The Denver Beer Trail is a fun way to experience local breweries and hotspots. You can sample dozens of sours, pilsners, and stouts along the way. Go with a friend or a group, and don’t be afraid to taste outside of your comfort zone!

9. Adams Mystery Playhouse

For a classic evening of entertainment, book tickets for Adams Mystery Playhouse! This establishment offers dinner theatre with a mystery theme. If you’re interested in drama or true crime, Adams Mystery Playhouse delivers. Your ticket includes dinner plus an adventure, and winners even receive a prize if they are able to solve the case.

10. Colorado Whiskey Tour

Searching for something stronger? A Colorado Whiskey distillery tour will excite you. This experience offers the unparalleled opportunity to sample Colorado’s exceptional products in a beautiful setting. Views of the mountains abound and you can take in whiskey facts from professional guides along the way. Check out Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey distillery tour for an adult experience that’s sophisticated and fun.

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