Understaffed? Here's What It's Really Costing Your Business!

Often, this time of year you’ll hear the term “all hands-on deck.” But what happens when you don’t have all hands? Short-staffing is a serious problem, short term and long term. If you don’t think being down a crew member is an issue, here’s why you need to value every member of your team. If you’re shorthanded, here are the areas where your business might suffer.

Customer Service

Being understaffed can seriously damage your company’s ability to provide superior customer service. When you’re short-handed, it puts pressure on the entire team. Staff members who don’t have enough support face a longer task list, and can’t devote their time to going above and beyond.

Losing Your Edge

Your organization needs to be at its peak to appeal to clients. If you’re not at your top operating capacity, you won’t be able to attract new customers. You want to stay competitive and continue to run your business the way your team expects. Damaging your organization’s brand by slacking on your hiring process is a fast way to lose your reputation, and money.


You can’t underestimate the struggles your employees may face. And being short-staffed doesn’t typically inspire or motivate a team. Increased workloads can lead to disgruntled staff members. Being short on personnel can reflect negatively on your leadership as well. If you’re experiencing a high turnover rate or having trouble bringing in new hires, your workers may lose faith in your ability to command the staff.

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