4 Tips to Finding a New Job Before the New Year

Time is running out – you wanted to start 2019 fresh with the newest step in your career path. But job searching can often feel like running into a brick wall. You’re trying everything to find the right position to match your skill set. If the challenges of a job seeker are overwhelming you, it’s time to simplify your search and make sure you’re using the right tactics. Here’s how you can find a new job before the new year.

1. Prep for Interviews

Preparedness is essential. You have to anticipate an interview anytime. This kind of readiness will make you the go-to person during a networking event or professional development mixers. Practice your “elevator pitch”: a 30-second speech on your qualifications and career goals. You should also have answers to classic interview questions down pat, so you can be ready on the fly. Have confident answers regarding your strengths, your weakness and your career goals.

2. Volume is Key

Sometimes when you’re applying for jobs, it can seem like it’s never enough. Truth is, when it comes to submitting your resume, it never is! Applying for jobs is a numbers game, so volume is key. The more postings you apply to, the more likely you are to gain successful employment. Think of job searching as your full-time job, and devote as much time to your career search as possible.

3. Follow Up

Can’t find listings that appeal to you? Follow up on old leads! Contact previous employers to look for openings, or send emails to potential employers you never heard back from. You may be able to gain some insight just by asking how you can be considered for a role. Furthermore, make a list of the companies you’d love to work at. Send your resume out whether they’re hiring or not, so you’re on their radar.

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