Are You Leaving a Bad First Impression During Your Interviews?

You did it! You got the call. Your resume or cover letter has launched you into the pool of potential hires. Now your only remaining step is impressing the hiring manager in an interview. How can you guarantee you make a great case for yourself? Avoid these easy-to-make interview mistakes that can make a bad first impression.

Supporting Competitors

It happens. Managers report that they’ve interviewed candidates supporting a competitor during the interview. Speaking highly of a rival corporation is a foolish move when you’re trying to win over a hiring manager. Praising a competitor, representing them, or wearing their merchandise is a foolish and avoidable mistake. Be sure to give appropriate praise to the company you want to represent.

You Don’t Look the Part

First impressions are important. The fastest way to make a poor impression is to not dress the part. This can go two ways – wearing a full suit to interview for a construction gig is a mistake. Your potential employer will think you can’t read the room or that you’re not willing to get down and do the dirty work. On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to wear jeans if you’re trying to obtain a corporate gig.

You’re Inconsiderate

Be aware of any strong colognes or perfumes as well – you don’t want an assertive smell to distract an interviewer from your professional potential. Small mistakes can be largely inconsiderate, so be sure you’ve covered your bases with the basics: fresh breath laundered and pressed clothing, a firm handshake, and great manners. Making a great first impression starts from the moment you walk in the front door.

You Give Off Bad Vibes

Working with positive people is not only good for morale but often makes workers more productive. Nobody wants to deal with a negative person. Employers can pick up on bad vibes right away, and hiring managers emphasize employee fit. An authentic approach will help you make a good impression and demonstrate that you’ll make a perfect addition to the team. Also, limit your complaints when it comes to describing your current and previous jobs. Too much complaining (even if it’s justified) makes you look like a poor sport and a bad team player. Be diplomatic but honest when asked about former work experience.

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