How to Win in the Final Round of Interviews

The interview process may begin with a video call, a phone screen, or an in-person meet-up; but it all comes down to the final interview. It’s essential to stay calm, do your research, and feel confident entering the last phase of the hiring process. When you’re in this position, it’s natural to feel stress and be curious about your competition. Don’t let it throw you off your game. Here are the best ways to stay focused and succeed during the final round of interviews.

Highlight Your Strengths – Again

Use your last meeting with the hiring manager to emphasize your wealth of experience and the depth of your skill set. You don’t want to leave your potential employer unsure of what you’ll be able to accomplish. There should be no room for doubt when it comes to what you are capable of. Review what you’ve said about your best traits and provide specific examples to back it up.

Focus on Clarification

Don’t think of the final interview as an obstacle. See it for what it is: an opportunity to clear up any concerns your hiring manager may have. If you left any question unanswered or didn’t mention something you think is relevant, now is the time. If you weren’t concise or direct before, don’t dwell on it. Make sure you are appealing to your potential new employers by communicating clearly. Just reframe your response so the hiring manager knows exactly what you’re trying to convey.

Embrace the Competitive Spirit

Competitors never look back at their rival on the track or the swimmer in the next lane. Put on your professional “blinders” to avoid getting distracted by other candidates. However, you should do your best to use this to your advantage during your final interview. Be bold and acknowledge that they may have a tough decision ahead, and ask what they are looking for from you. If you can identify what would set you apart from other candidates, use that to establish yourself as the perfect choice and you’ll come out on top.
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