How the Best Leaders Prioritize

Each day at work, it’s essential to get yourself organized. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with projects and emails, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Tackling each day effectively can be difficult when you’re stuck in meetings that are less than productive, or you’re getting brought into phone calls or email chains. You may be wondering to yourself, how am I ever going to get to the work that matters most? The best business leaders are experts at time management. With tips from Job Store Staffing, you can be too!

Start Before You Walk In the Door

Leadership doesn’t begin during your morning meeting: it starts when you get out of bed. The more you can mentally prepare yourself for the day to come, the more likely you’ll be able to handle all of the day’s challenges. Try beginning your morning at home with a to-do list of the top five things that you need to accomplish today. Limit yourself to the items that are imperative. This way, you can ensure that important tasks each receive your undivided attention. Consider establishing a routine in the morning so you and your team know precisely how best to execute tasks.

Don’t Stress the Little Things

If you get caught up in the rabbit hole of responding to low priority emails or attending meetings that could have been phone calls, you’ll never catch up on your essential duties. Focus less on getting the most done, but instead do your best to manage your time adeptly. Leadership also means knowing when it’s time to delegate. Never forget your most important resource: your team. Think of each daily task, no matter how small, as a choice you are making. Commit your time more thoughtfully to help you avoid getting bogged down.

Show Compassion

The most effective leaders earn respect from their employees. You can build this respect by prioritizing the needs of your workers each day on the job. It can be easy to postpone performance reviews or one-on-one meetings with your workers, but don’t let it slip. Show you care by dedicating time to show concern each day to make sure your team is happy. Tending to your people will improve morale. It may also decrease conflict, because you can squash any tension or drama immediately as it comes.
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