Why the First Few Minutes of Your Interview are the Most Crucial

Making the right first impression is essential during your first interview. You want the hiring manager to know your skills and personality, and those first few minutes can determine the outcome. But how do you know what to say to make this moment memorable? The perfect interviewee is confident without oversharing, and thoughtful without being too reserved. We’ve got some tips on how to make the best of your initial moments, and the best ways to maximize your job potential.

Do Your Research

Walking into an interview without first studying the company is an amateur mistake. Preparation can make or break your chance at a terrific new job. A serious candidate knows the essentials about their potential new employer: Be aware of their mission as well as their challenges and competitors. Within the first few minutes of your time with an interviewer, don’t be afraid to drop knowledge you have about the company. Impressing a hiring manager can be as simple as knowing your stuff.

Practice the Basics

You may be surprised to find what may be a deal-breaker to a hiring manager. Interviewers expect a strong handshake and professional courtesy. Expect someone to form their opinion of you within the first ten minutes. Make those minutes count by being pleasant and friendly, while focusing on the purpose of your meeting. The length of the interview is not vital; it’s the quality of your meeting. As soon as you set foot in the building, your interview begins. Don’t forget to be considerate to everyone you interact with: The receptionist, the janitor, and the CEO alike.

Listen for Important Questions

Stay alert to questions that can shape your interview, important inquiries like, “Why are you here?” or “What can you do for us?”. These questions are your signal that this employer is serious about your future at this company, and they want to know if that will be reciprocated. A hiring manager may bring these questions up at the beginning of the interview, so be ready to address them with confidence. A company’s biggest threat is high employee turnover, so ensure them that you’re in it for the long haul, and that you can be an asset to the team. Share concise personal stories that demonstrate your willingness to work hard as a part of a productive team to highlight your abilities.
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