We all sometimes feel like we’re not being heard at work, and this can be solved (and help our careers) by connecting with our supervisors. The research is in and Job Store has the best methods to help you plead your case. Whether you want to set yourself up for a promotion or create a new product category, your success is dependent on your relationship with the leadership in your company. Creating trust and making connections is a key aspect of advancing toward your professional goals.

Be Yourself

Getting colleagues to hear you out doesn’t have to be a battle. You don’t have to be the most charming or persuasive person to achieve your goals. Success is not earned by one specific type of person – it’s earned by those will to work hard and hustle. Don’t go to your supervisor under false pretenses. Be direct and express yourself clearly, and you’ll be heard.

Back to Basics

Make it personal. In a world full of emails and texts, making a phone call or writing a letter can really make the difference. Putting pen to paper not only helps you clarify your point, it additionally shows sincerity and effort. Setting time to have a face-to-face conversation with your bosses to convince them you deserve a raise will appeal to their emotions while showing you’re serious. Taking the time from your day to show the thought and effort that went into your request will show leadership that you are one to watch.

Say It Right

When asking a favor or trying to sway someone on the leadership team, you want to select your language carefully. Even if the first response is ‘no,’ follow up with evidence supporting your claim, or attempt a compromise. Responding with a reasonable secondary measure, “Would you be willing instead to…” can soften the blow and help your case. Asking for a lesser favor may prompt a positive response. A different request may be granted as your boss weighs the options, so keep the pressure low. Make them aware of what they could gain from this situation.

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