When you’re bringing in new talent, you may feel relieved to have someone to pick up the slack, and be done with the hiring process. Sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates can take up a lot of time and be hard to manage. However, the job simply isn’t done when you get someone in the door. A key element of a successful company is a positive culture, so it’s important to train new hires well to ensure they fit in.

Below, we list four reasons why it is important to train a new employee correctly, because a poorly-onboarded employee:

  • Will feel lost from day one

As talented as an employee may be, they need to be given direction. Make them feel welcome and useful starting on the very first day. Don’t wait until a week later to see if they’ve meet everyone. Engage and introduce on their first day, and make sure everyone knows there will be a newcomer so your whole team can make a great impression.

  • Won’t understand the big picture

Talk to your new hire early on about the company way and your vision for your team. People want to know they’re a part of something bigger, and new hires might not understand the mission you have in mind. Talk to them about key agents that work with your company, and key players inside and outside of the department. Don’t let them be clueless when it comes to team integration.

  • Can’t apply what they’ve learned

It’s important to get new workers into what they’ll actually be doing as soon as possible. Learning as they go will help them acclimate and learn from others, and it will also give you an idea of how they perform. Plus, the sooner you see them doing the work you’ve hired them to do, the sooner you’ll be able to stop mistakes in their tracks or identify a poor fit.

  • Won’t know where to turn

Make sure your new employee knows exactly who to turn to when certain problems arrive. Give them an introduction to HR and their immediate supervisor is. New hires often feel overwhelmed if something goes wrong, and you want to know that your people know how to correct mistakes and handle any situation. Give them the tools to confront a crisis, and you’ll feel more confident doing your job.

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